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January 2009



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Jan. 3rd, 2009

Lissa - Neck


All Is Not Well

I have a copy of Tura Satana's "All Is Not Well Album", I will be uploading it soon if anyone would like it. Its from a CD I have, excellent quality. Includes the song "Victim"


Dec. 28th, 2008

Lissa - Neck


Also ..

If you have articles, information of any sort, bands, songs, comics ... anything! If you yourself are in a band, or have mp3s of a local band in your area feel free to post the links, or the infooration that you have and we can even find somewhere to upload it and have it on here as a resource :)

BUT it must be relevant.

Lissa - Neck



Have moved to Calgary, and am on the hunt for local zines, bands and the like. If I find anything that might be of interest I will post here and take orders if anything catchs any of you lovely ladies eyes.

Also if you have anything you would care to have distrubuted out here I would be more then happy to help out :)





So I just found this forum today, and thought that I might be able to contribute! In the light of sharing, here is a list of feminist literature that I have that I would be willing (and happy!) to circulate:

Sex, Time, and Power
, by Leonard Shlain
Our Bodies, Ourselves, by the BWHBC
Reconstructing Gender, by Disch
Women Who Run with the Wolves, by Clarissa Pinkola
We Don't Need Another Wave, by Melody Berger
Body Wars, by Maine
Eating in the Light of the Moon, by Johnston
105 Ways to Celebrate Menstruation, by Kami McBride

(I have other, not-so-feminist books, like The Hip Chick's Guide to Macrobiotics and America Unzipped, to name a couple - a pretty eclectic library, so I think I should have a book or two for anyone. Just ask!)

I don't want this community to be as dead as a dead mouse on crack (to quote our creator and moderator), so I'm hoping that those of you who are watching might find reason to say hello and maybe pick a book!

Looking forward to the cheerful and subversive sharing of information,
W.E. Child

Dec. 27th, 2008

Lissa - Neck



Well this place is deader then a dead mouse who smokes crack. Shall have to get out and about in getting the community noticed because I really do believe in the sharing of information between individuals.


Dec. 22nd, 2004

Lissa - Neck


fanzines for free

This was an AN. comment that I thought I would post.

"Although its not entirely feminist, there are articles on fake friends, mums, gardening, bands, artwork and comics in the uk zine 'spiderplant' #9. If anyone wants a copy for free, just send an sae and a trade to cover postage to U.S or wherever, to this address.

47 Bentley Road,
Nuneaton, Warks,
CV11 5lR,

Good fem books are Germaine Greer's 'the whole woman' and Amy Raphael's 'women in rock'. Also Foxfire by Joyce CFarol Oates is a great fictional work w. a fem theme.

jo x"

Sep. 25th, 2004

Lissa - Neck



Does anyone have a copy of Cunt? I have heard many mixed things about it and can't seem to find a copy anywhere.

Also have made the layout slightly nicer on the eyes. So please dear people be active. Okay so I admit that was a lame plead ;)


Jun. 19th, 2004



I'd like to say hello, I'm from south Florida (a different state than north Florida), and I want to admit that I have zero femenist books. I do, however, have ayn rand books and classical philosphy books. Well, I joined this community to learn something, so I hope everything goes well.
Lissa - Neck



Welcome to undergroundbook, thank so you so much for joining. Ok now thats enough of the formal mumbo jumbo. Tis nice to meet you all :)

Names Lissa, live in Canada and I started this community now in order to kick it off so to speak maybe we should see what each of us is looking for, or has and is willing to give up to the next person. Or maybe just see where your from and a mini intro?

None the less thank you for joining and I hope this community can help someone out, since it really is hard to get extra money sometimes to spend on books and the like.

You can also send out your 'zines through here to if you wish, all is welcome :)


Jun. 18th, 2004


(no subject)

When do the fireworks start?