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A New Means Of Revolutions

Underground Book Railway
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This idea started when I was talking to a dear friend of mine about a book I had been reading at the time. The Beauty Myth by Naomi W. After explaining the basic concept of the book to her, she said it sounded wonderful and wanted to know where could she get a copy for herself? Instead of her spending money and time ( both of which she didn't have at the time ) searching I offered to send her mine, seeing as she lived in another country and I couldn't rightly just hand it to her. Then on a second note I said when she was done to not send the book back but to give it to another girl she seen who seemed interested in the book but maybe didn't have the money or access to it.

Hence the beginnings of this idea took off.

Basically this is a community where other feminists can have access to related things through peers in exchange, like an undeground book club of sorts.

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